HOM gives back

gratitude and generosity

There are 9 attitudinal foundations of a mindfulness practice with gratitude and generosity are the newest additions to the original list by the father of mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn. 
The practice and attitude of gratitude will shift the sense of “not enough” to “there is enough” and “I have enough,” which in turn will elicit more spontaneous generosity. It is easier to give from a place of abundance than from scarcity. Generosity also deepens the understanding of the interconnection between the givers and the receivers.
- Wolf and Serpa
To show our gratitude for the generosity of your business we wanted to give that same opportunity to reach their goals of entrepreneurship to our fellow Filipinx back home in the Philippines. With every order 10% of the profits will go towards funding a microloan to jumpstart their small business. Everyone deserves a shot at chasing their dreams to make a difference in their community and work for themselves and through Kiva we are fortunate enough to connect with those aspiring entrepreneurs.
As we grow we hope to connect directly with organizations in the Philippines that support Mental Health, Small Business Womxn, and support Indigenous rights groups. If you happen to be affiliated with an organization that fits this theme please feel free to reach out to info@houseofmarpa.com to connect further.

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