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Janelle Marpa founded House of Marpa in 2017 with the intention of bringing mindfulness to the fashion industry as a Filipina Woman. Having worked in fashion for over 14 years her love for style and creativity was lost to a toxic work environment that led her down the dark path of anxiety and depression. The 12 hour days, 7 days a week, emotional abuse from her Creative Director, finally caught up with her and manifested itself as Psoriasis all over her body and eventually Psoriatic Arthritis. Janelle was a shell of a human being when she walked into her first Mindfulness class and in that class she was able to reconnect the parts of her she lost and it became the catalyst in her spiritual journey and healing her inner child through mindfulness. Feeling inspired she wanted a way to introduce people to the benefits of a mindfulness practice through fashion and launched her first collection of tees with messages of intentional loving-kindness.

house of marpa founder - janelle marpa

“My dream is to build a slow fashion brand that cares about people. Mindfulness has transformed my life and has given me the awareness of my own toxic behaviours and ideologies working in the fashion industry which bred a lot of self loathing. House of Marpa is more than just a brand, I want people to embody mindfulness learning to love their bodies, developing a relationship with self and express themselves through style, with mindful self compassion. I want people to think about the brands they’re supporting and what they stand for, the intention behind their messaging, connect with brands that not only inspire but also empower you to live your best life.”

- Janelle Marpa

a mindful collective

As a lifestyle brand, we not only create products to support a mindfulness meditation practice, we also intend to spread awareness of the benefits associated with a mindfulness practice through experiential workshops that pair everyday activities with mindfulness practices.
a mindful collective amc team
Founded by Janelle Marpa of House of Marpa, Lizelle Marpa Tucci, Kiki Athanas of MEbyKiki, and Ashley Parker of The Kindness Practice and partnered with Xanthe + Frank Appleyard of Oh Sierra Creative. We are four mindful entrepreneurs who crossed paths in our shared passion for mindfulness as a way to navigate the stressful and overwhelming demands of everyday life.

Our goal; get you curious AF about mindfulness. We swear by the practice because it has CHANGED our lives, and now we’re ready to show you how YOU can use it to slowly transform the way you think and the way you live - all for the better! With mindfulness at the heart of all we do, we provide education in a supportive space to begin and/or enrich an existing mindfulness practice. Our vision is to build a community of mindful mavens to support each other in the mission to live more mindfully; bringing meditation, positivity, manifestation and self kindness into the mainstream through premium-curated experiences we know you will love.