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Mindfulness for All

As a lifestyle brand, we not only create products to support a mindfulness meditation practice, we also intend to spread awareness of the benefits associated with a mindfulness practice through experiential workshops that pair everyday activities with mindfulness practices.


A Mindful Collective

Founded by Janelle Marpa & Lizelle Tucci of House of Marpa, Kiki Athanas of MEbyKiki, and Ashley Parker of The Kindness Practice. We are four mindful entrepreneurs who crossed paths in our shared passion for mindfulness as a way to navigate the stressful and overwhelming demands of everyday life. Our goal; get you curious AF about mindfulness. We swear by the practice because it has CHANGED our lives, and now we’re ready to show you how YOU can use it to slowly transform the way you think and the way you live - all for the better!
With mindfulness at the heart of all we do, we provide education in a supportive space to begin and/or enrich an existing mindfulness practice. Our vision is to build a community of mindful mavens to support each other in the mission to live more mindfully; bringing meditation, positivity, manifestation and self kindness into the mainstream through premium-curated experiences we know you will love.


Mindfulness 101

Feeling burnt out? Want to bring mindfulness into your workplace? Allow us to offer peace of mind during times of stress and introduce your team to the foundations of a Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation practice.
In today's environment, we are inundated with demanding deadlines and challenges. High stress levels can leave you unfocused, unproductive, and lacking creativity. 
Companies such as Google, IBM, General Mills, and Intel are turning to mindfulness to help cope with the fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Educators in elementary, high school and post-secondary are incorporating meditation into their classrooms. As a result, they've seen decreased stress and anxiety, increased attention, improved interpersonal relationships, and strengthened compassion. Currently, Lizelle hosts weekly meditation sessions at George Brown College's Waterfront Campus.

Winefulness Workshop Series

Winefulness 101
So you've heard about mindfulness and are curious about how it applies to your everyday life. We created this workshop series where a small group spend the evening with us learning about mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, engage in some mindfulness meditation practices and experience a variation on a mindful eating practice with a mindful wine tasting! Our intention is to introduce you to mindfulness practices through fun activities you already enjoy and wouldn't necessarily think would go hand in hand with mindful living to demonstrate how you can incorporate it into your life.

Our attendees walk away with a ton of resources, a list of classes you can take in the area, recommended apps and reading to take home to dive even deeper into the emerging practice mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. We also have a pop up shop featuring our House of Marpa goods that will help support your new found meditation practice.
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